August 21, 2014

Hey guys!
Do you remember Unity Charity?
They are an organization who empowers youth to make the positive choices in there live through art! They teach how to transform negative feelings into positive with breakdance, hip- hop, spoken word poetry and beatbox.

They were with us last year and years before on WeFree days, and…guess what! They are coming again!!!

Look at this video:

June 17, 2014

Also this year the WeFree project toured Italy, bringing our prevention activities in the schools and the theaters all over the country, meeting thousands and thousands of students, telling stories of their lives. We met many people, we have woven our experiences, we exchanged ideas, tips, words…
At the end and above all we listened to each other.

- Every year more than 40.000 students participate in the WeFree activities.

- Every year we get in touch with 200 schools for a total of 2.000 classes.

- About 3.000 young people participate on WeFree days.

October 07, 2013

She was born in England in December of ’69 , her parents are Jamaicans , she became an athlete very early .Thanks to sport she
meets Gianni , an Italian athlete , in who she falls in love . After their wedding she became an Italian citizen

October 03, 2013

Andrea Iacomini, a spokesman for Unicef Italy, will participate as a speaker at one of the ForuMio WeFree Days. Andrew, since a young age he has been engaged as a volunteer in the world political and social associations,meeting students who will have the opportunity

October 03, 2013

Aldo Montano and Andrea Cassara, two great Italian athletes, gold medals in fencing tournament team at the London Olympics of 2012, will present themselves as speakers at the Forumio at WeFree Days on 11 October 2013.
Two champions in comparison that

September 25, 2013

Do not be afraid to look in the mirror: this is the objective of the workshop that the boys of Contourella Dance Project ( Termini Underground ( and some elements of the Theatre Company of San Patrignano, will

September 05, 2013

What comes to us from Canada are often images of wide open spaces and unspoiled nature or modern big cities increasingly growing at the pace of the future.
Thanks to Unity Charity, an association which for 3 years now is on board with WeFree network, we were able to know

August 30, 2013

Germany, Berlin. In the years following the fall of the wall, a wave of immigrations invaded the streets of the city. Finally mixing colors, ideologies and political thoughts was allowed. Advertising on the walls of the station wagons has colored the metro and people from many

August 26, 2013

"In life you can touch the bottom for several reasons: for a disappointment, for a disease, for some bad choices. And then what? Then only black appears in front of you.But if you were given another chance? It could change your life, it could give you the smile and the desire

August 14, 2013

Here is the new single from our friends the Sociedad Real," target
a Hip Hop group of young Colombian guys. They struggle against violence and the use of drugs by promoting different ways of living.

August 07, 2013

The art of drawing has been handed down for millions of years. The primitives used graffiti on the walls of caves to represent hunting. The Egyptians to tell their power of the Gods. With the passage of time the design has evolved to the present day.
Thanks to the use of graphics

August 06, 2013

Here we go again. Another broken life. At 17 years. Drugs, alcohol.
We open our eyes with the belief, or hope, that it will be a normal day, peaceful and serene.
A day like any other.
Indeed it is.